New Books: Fiction
June 2011
Author Title
Brooks, Geraldine Caleb's Crossing
Brooks, Terry Jarka Ruus
Carr, Robin Wild Man Creek
Coble, Coleen The lightkeeper's daughter
Cook, Lorna Jane Outside wonderland
Donaldson, Stephen Gap into ruin
Evanovich, Janet Smokin' Seventeen
Fowler, Earlene Spider web
Gardner, Lisa Live to Tell
Gortner, C.W. The Tudor Secret
Haigh, Jennifer Faith
Harris, Charlaine Dead Reckoning
Higashino, Keigo The devotion of suspect X
Lancaster, Jen Wish you were here
Levy, Andrea The long song
McMahon, Jennifer Don't breathe a word
Martin, George R.R. A storm of swords
Nesbo, Jo Snowman
O’Parker, Robert Sixkill
O’Patterson, James 10th Anniversary
Poole, Sara Poison
Sandford, John Buried prey
Sawyer, Robert J. WWW: Wake
Scalzi, John Fuzzy nation
Sones, Sonya The hunchback of Neiman Marcus
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Capture
Wiggs, Susan Marrying Daisy Bellamy
New Books: Non-Fiction
Handler, Chelsea Lies that Chelsea Handler told me
White, Betty If you ask me...
Zuckoff, Mitchell Lost in Shangri-La
Burke, Cheryl Dancing lessons
Friedan, Betty The feminine mystique
Holmstedt, Kirsten The girls come marching home
Holmstedt, Kirsten Band of sisters: American women at war in Iraq
Jacobson, Sid Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House authorized graphic biography
Jain, Prem Buffett beyond value
Oher, Michael I beat the odds
Kirkpatrick, David The Facebook effect: The inside story of the the company that is connecting the world
Krantz, Matt Investing online for dummies
Malkiel, Burton G. A random walk down Wall Street
Mezrick, Ben The accidental billionaires: The founding of Facebook
Meyer, Joyce Power thoughts
Miccolis, Jerry A. Asset allocation for dummies
Monaghan, Patricia The red-haired girl from the bog
Nantais, David Rock-a my soul
Richards, Keith Life
Rumsfeld, Donald Known and unknown: A memoir
Sethi, Ramit I will teach you to be rich
Settersten, Richard A. Not quite adults
Taleb, Nassim Nicholas The black swan
Wise, Sarah The Italian boy
Woods, Thomas E. Rollback: Repealing big government before the coming fiscal collapse