Library Cards

Because most of the library’s operating revenue comes from real estate and property taxes paid by Maryville property owners, library cards are issued freely to individuals who can show they live or own property within the City of Maryville taxing district.

To apply for a library card you will need:

1. One piece of identification that includes a photo (i.e. driver’s license, student ID, etc.)
2. Two documents showing your current address (i.e. utility bills or other pieces of mail, voter registration card, lease or rental agreement, tax bill, fishing license, etc.)
3. Contact information for a local reference in case you move in the future.

Individuals who do not pay taxes on property within City limits may obtain a library card by paying a $25 annual fee. The annual fee covers the entire household.

NWMSU current students, staff, and faculty can obtain a Maryville Public Library card by bringing in their Northwest ID, filling out an application and bringing two proofs of current address. Nonresident fees are waived for Northwest staff and students, thanks to a cooperative agreement with B.D. Owens Library on campus.

All Maryville Public Library card holders also have borrowing privileges at B.D. Owens Library on the NWMSU campus.

Print out a library card application. [PDF document -- complete & bring IDs]