Message from the Director:

The mission of the Maryville Public Library is to provide patrons with quality informational services and educational opportunities.

--Maryville Public Library Executive Board of Directors


Dear Patron:

Welcome to the Maryville Public Library website! We hope that it accurately reflects what the library has to offer you and your family.

During recent years, libraries have grown accustomed to continuous change, as public literacy is no longer fed by books alone, but by a growing number of audiovisual and electronic formats. So the library has evolved, and the services we offer will continue to change in order to meet the needs of Maryville.

Every day I am reminded that the Maryville Public Library means so many different things to those it serves.

The library is a place for lifelong learning.

The library is also known as The People’s University. It’s a place to continue gaining knowledge of the arts, sciences, economics, history and literature. It’s a place to take a proctored test for your online degree and to study for a graduate school entrance exam. It’s a place that partners with other agencies to raise your community’s collective literacy rate in order to support a strong and adaptable workforce. It’s a place for seniors to keep reading and growing as active citizens.

The library is a place for parents and children.

It’s where you can bring your toddler and learn tips on fostering a lifelong love of reading. It’s where preschoolers can come to Story Hour and where children of all ages can maintain their reading skills through each summer. It’s a place where the young can come to see learning as a joy and a privilege made possible by our United States of America.

The library is a place to change your life.

The library is a place to search and apply for a new job online, update and print your resume, and practice for job skills testing. It’s a place for an entrepreneur to learn about starting or growing a business, a manager to learn more about leadership and a small business owner to learn more about marketing. It’s a place to embark upon a life of self-sufficiency.

The library is a refuge and an escape.

It’s a place to stretch your mind, and to explore new ideas and multiple perspectives. It’s a ticket to the rest of the world and a place to find a cozy mystery, an international thriller, or a historical romance.

The library is a second home.

It’s sometimes called the community’s living room. It’s a quiet place to read the newspaper, join a book club, learn a new craft, or rent a community room for a family gathering. It’s even a place where citizens bring out-of-town visitors to “show off” their community’s resources!

I invite you to visit the Maryville Public Library on Main and Fifth Street here in Maryville, MO. We’re open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You may also ask me a question or send me a message at Thank you for checking out our website!


Stephanie Patterson
Library Director