A copy of this policy is to be made available to all persons using either the Ruth H. Robb Price Conference Room or the Lewis G. Moore Community Room.

The Board of Trustees of the Maryville Public Library is aware of the need for accommodations to be used by groups and committees in the area. The use of these rooms is an additional service which the library can render to the public. The rooms are not available for meetings for political, religious, or commercial purposes.

Reservations will be taken for the rooms on a six-month schedule excluding regularly scheduled groups. Reservations for January 1 – June 30 will be taken after December 1. Reservations for July 1 – December 31 will be taken after June 1. Reservations must include the name and phone number of a contact person for the group.

Library programs receive first consideration in the scheduling of the rooms. The Library has the right to cancel or limit an outside group’s use of a library room, for the purpose of library programming or a lack of staff availability for resetting the room, assessing damage, or being on call during closed hours. At least 24 hours notice will be given for cancellations.

Groups using a room may not charge admission, but they may restrict their meetings to their own members. Not-for-profit groups charging a fee for registration or training may be allowed to use the room at the Director’s discretion. The sale of books or CDs related to the program may be allowed as determined by the Director.

No food or drink is allowed in the Conference Room. Groups using that room may use the coffee bar area or kitchen area in the basement. All groups using the Community Room will be charged $25 per use. Groups using the room on a monthly basis will be charged $15 per use. Groups serving any refreshments will need to make a $25 deposit which will be returned provided no damage occurs. Groups wishing to serve more than light refreshments will need to pay a $25 fee in addition to the usage fee.

Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to room or contents.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Smoking is not allowed.

It is suggested that a member of the group serve as the “host” at the entry door as expected attendees are arriving. The door should be securely latched, and therefore closed to the public, after all attendees arrive.

The room should be left with 10 chairs and 2 tables at the end of the meeting. Groups are expected to leave the room orderly and tidy. A vacuum is available for that purpose. All trash should be in the containers provided and secured in the trashbags.

Groups using the rooms after regular library hours should pick up a key during the Library’s open hours. A form containing the key policy statement is to be completed and filed each time a key is checked out. (see following page)

The Library Director has final discretion in granting permission to use the room. Any group violating these regulations may be denied further use.

Maryville Public Library Meeting Room/Key Agreement

1. The key is to remain the responsibility of the person to whom it is checked out. It is to be used at the time and for the purpose indicated below. This person is also responsible for seeing that no one remains in the building after the meeting and that the following conditions are met:

______ Please do not put liquids in trash cans. Leave any liquids on a community room table.

______ Thermostat must be set on “Continuous Unoccupied” before the room is vacated. Failure to do so will result in the deposit being retained by the library to pay for utility costs.

______ Please leave keys on table in community room or return the keys to library staff on the next day the library is open.

______ Please make sure all lights—including kitchen, chair closet, hallway and restroom lights are turned off.

______ Outside doors MUST be locked securely. Please double check before leaving.

Failure to meet one or more of the conditions listed above may result in the user's deposit being retained.

2. No copies of any keys are to be made by persons using the meeting rooms.

3. Unless the library is open to the public, no one using the meeting rooms is to be in the main reading areas of the building for any reason.

4. Groups will report in writing any damage or problems to the Director of the Library. Emergency situations should be reported to the Director immediately (816) 387-1371.